Ever wonder how Blueberries got their famous colour?


Legend has it, that deep below the sandy soil of Kustermans lives a berry blue-nique breed of creature...the Blueberry Gnomes!

These fantastic little tunnel-dwellers use their spritely magic to keep the berries blue & bountiful. How exactly do they do it? Well, that answer is as mysterious as the Gnomes themselves. In fact, they are so secretive, that we may not have ever known of their existence if not for one fun-loving Berry Gnome who just can’t resist Kustermans Fun Farm. So if you happen to see this little fella, make sure you thank him for making our bushes so full...and see if he will reveal the secret to making berries so blue.

Kustermans: Berry Big Fun for the whole Family

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Kustermans Family Farm provides acres of outdoor fun and incredible memories for young and old alike. Whether you come to Pick-Your-Own farm- fresh blueberries, raspberries and pumpkins, shop in our Farm Market & Bakery, specializing in the best of locally grown and produced foods and gift or spend the day in our incredible Farm Fun Yard, Kustermans is sure to make your day Berry Happy.  Groups are always welcome for Birthdays, School Tours or Corporate Events.

23188 Springwell Road

Mount Brydges, ON   N0L 1W0